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Exceptionally warm weathers. Even so much that local people are worried about a postponed winter and the damages it might cause to the nature, to plantations.
We enjoyed sunbaths on the patio.

Jan. 13, 2007

A heavy rain.
But it was warm even after it.
It was supposed to be a special Indian supper today with Inkku and Pekka in Almyrida, but the event had been cancelled. Instead a very tasty supper in Mythos (Kalyves). Chicken á la creme & lambchops!

Jan. 14, 2007

A trip to Stylos, and futher up to Samonas.
Cloudy but warm up in Samonas where we found a very popular reastaurant with magnificient views over our area. But we saw the view for just a short moment before the clouds encircled us.

Jan. 15-17, 2007

The amazing sunshine and warmth returned. T-shirt weathers during the day.

Nikos for supper in our house. That dear elf-of-a-man.

Annaleena came over after exploring walking paths on the south coast. Spent the whole time with her on the patio, in the sunshine, and enjoying a conversation with her.

Jan. 18, 2007

kalyves-sky-070118.jpg - 50071 Bytes

Another day with sunshine and around 20C temperatures during the day. In the afternoon this sky.

Jan. 19, 2007

chronia-polla.JPG - 3063 Bytes
TO YOU KITI ! It's your birthday !
No wonder why the sun was shining from a clear, deep blue sky!

Our new route with Ida and Milli is more than interesting...

goat-kalyves.jpg - 61975 Bytes

...because of him. He gives great excitement to Ida and Milli, while remaining totally calm.

An enjoyable dinner with Inkku and Pekka in the taverna in Megali Chorafia.

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