Evangelistria Monastery's stone roof.
Evangelistria Monastery - stone roof. Skiathos 2.10.2004 at 13:24.

Evangelistria Monastery - entrance
Evangelistria Monastery - entrance. Skiathos 2.10.2004 at 13:32.

Skiathos from the road up to Kastro
Click above to view a teeny-weeny video. 2.10.2004 at 14:18.

The kitten nr. 1.
The kitten nr. 1. After Evangelistria, before Kastro. 2.10.2004 at 14:39.

The sea plays a pipe near Mandraki Beach
Click above to see and hear a teeny-weeny video.
You'll appreciate turning the volume VERY HIGH!
Skiathos, Mandraki 2.10.2004 at 16:59.

Taverna Kanapitsa
As it says: "Kanapitsa". My Greek-Finnish dictionary defines it very simply as "Chicken Pizza".
It was so near, and yet for days upon days we just longed to go there...
Kanapitsa, Skiathos. 2.10.2004 at 17:31.

Kanapitsa housing on the slope
...especially because of this view...
Kanapitsa, Skiathos 2.10.2004 at 17:37.

Opposite Skiathos town
...but, being too hasty to head towards our abode, we ended up to the peninsula opposite Skiathos town to look for a place to dine.
And all we found was a shut-down hotel with a feeling of Jack Nicholson in the lobby - writing those endless pages with the words: "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."
Skiathos 2.10.2004 at 19:06.

After dinner on Papadiamanti Street
But we had a very good meal elsewhere.
And excellent metaxa with coffee on Papadiamanti Street!
Skiathos 2.10.2004 at 21:20.

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