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When back in our base in quiet Gerani, we explored PANO PLATANIAS.
And there we found the devoutee's tavern.
It's called Restaurant HAROUPIA!
GO THERE while in Platanias. - And enjoy Nea Chi with your food!
And when walking down,
step into HERBS & SPICES.
You'll make some nice finds, also wines, like Nea Chi and others.
And you will meet Giorgos Georgakakis.

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Or take another turn to enjoy NAOUSSA GRIPA
somewhere else! In Chania's harbour, perhaps.

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But while you are in PANO PLATANIAS,
you can see this island.
The KRI-KRI will await you there
even if you can go there only once a year!

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But, we headed also west of Platanias, Chania.
Towards KISSAMOS (Kastelli).
Just past Kissamos there is this shrine inside the rock.

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And this Greek Orthodox, or simply religious, view inside, ofcourse!

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But, the outside is beautifully like this.

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