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Somewhere near FALASSARNA, very west on Crete,
there is an ancient harbour.
Fortunately there is also an ancient stool of rock...

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...and by the beach you can have this nourishment!

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We'll return to that beach...
...but now there's a great turn in our travels.
We went to MILIA! (You should, too.)

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MILIA is a lovely dead-end along a perilous mountain road.
The road leads to a village with 6 to 7 houses. All in this style.
And to an excellent restaurant where open wood-fire is the word!
And you can lodge there, if you book well in advance.
The surrounding nature is unbelievable!

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Being swift travellers, we headed also towards OMALOS,
and the Samaria Gorge.

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When it's well over 30C in the shade...

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...and a lot more in the sunshine,
it's no wonder the sheep seek for even a little bit of shade.

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After all sheepish ordeals we hit SAMARIA GORGE!
You are welcome to WALK!

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