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Cretan skirted warriors are honoured on top of another.
A magnificent view is revealed behind the statue in a tiny village
somewhere between Omalos and Chania.

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Just by the statue there are amazingly 5 tavernas - in the middle of "nowhere".
And a friendly fly accustomed to "air-conditioning".

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But all travels must come back home!
Here we are on our Gerani balcony.
With a mosquito stick (OFF!),
and a wine labelled "NÁMI",
which means "childishily delicious" in Finnish.

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Perhaps the "NÁMI" is a reason why this plate is so deliciously soft
in a restaurant in Chania's Venetian harbour.
And especially when there was live Greek music!

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This is a story altogether different.
It's the next day.
We and some thousands of travellers
thought the mountain road leads somewhere...

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Fortunately we passed through to Kalives, and to Koumos.
This is just a glimpse of what is there!

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