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The idea of this page is to link all Wine Lovers together.
If you want Wine of the Week to have a link to your home page, let me know your address with the form below - and make a reciprocal link to your page. Let's just enjoy the net together.

I'll visit your page and grab an icon from your page to serve as a link to your page.
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You can pick your way of linking from below:
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2) A banner -link, which you can choose from below. You get the banner to your own computer by doing this: Click on the banner of your choice with the right button of your mouse. You'll see a menu from which you should choose 'Save Image As...' or 'Save Picture As... (the frasing depends on which browser you are using). Then save the banner to your hard-drive in a directory/folder of your own choice. Put the banner on your page and make it a link to

1e) Wine of the Week A transparent .GIF
2e) Red Wine of the Week

3e) Get your nose in the right place - Red Wine of the Week

4e) Red Wine of the Week - The visual view on wine

5e) Red Wine of the Week - transparent A transparent .GIF.

6e) The Visual View on Wine

7e) Wine of the Week

8e) Wine of the Week

3) If the above is Greek to you, don't be depressed. Just use the text area of the form below to tell me which banner you'd like, and I'll send you a HTML code that you can put on your page to make the banner appear.

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